I’m so happy I met everyone. I wish we could’ve gone on more adventures. But I guess we all have to say goodbye someday. Everyone, thank you. Farewell. My memories will be part of the sky.


mass effect numbers meme: two deaths ▼ legion (2/2)

legion, the answer to your question was yes.
i know tali, but thank you.


"n-no guys look we’re cool. look a woman! thats cool right, thats what you guys wanted right? she isnt playable and this is just a cg trailer but we’re good now right? please buy our game"

Haytham: m... m-m
Edward: mother? are you trying so say mother, Haytham?
Haytham: may the father of understanding guide us
Edward: what


"When ever I save my game I like to set up my characters to make the most appealing screenshot for the save. Even if I only see it at least twice it’s something that I enjoy doing."